How Does A Signal Booster Work?

What Is A Signal Booster?

Over the past few years, mobile phone boosters have become popular. They are growing in demand from the rural areas to the urban population. Most people often wonder about the capability and legality of mobile phone signal boosters. Well, the concerns are valid, especially since these devices sound so good to be true.

Well, a cellular booster is certified electronic equipment that boosts existing 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks. They can work on any device as long as it’s 5G enabled. Cellular boosters are approved by Industry Canada (IC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use. Their job is to improve call quality, boost weak mobile signals and improve data speeds.

Do you have a usable signal outside your commercial or residential property but a weak signal when you get inside? Well, a mobile booster will boost your mobile service and overall signal strength. Most people question how mobile boosters actually work when it comes to eliminating dropped phone calls, unsent text messages, slow data speeds without the need to connect with Wi-Fi, switching carriers or arguing with your carrier. I would highly recommend that you take a look and learn about

How Does A Signal Booster Work?

It is also referred to as a signal extender, amplifier or mobile phone repeater. A cell booster actually works by pulling the weak signal and boosting it before rebroadcasting it to the desired areas. Additionally, cell signal boosters may also work in reverse where they receive the signal from your phone and then send it to the tower.

Note that, there are different boosters available at the moment that target different needs. These include the following.

In-building Signal Boosters – These are specifically designed for commercial and residential buildings that require a signal boost.

Vehicle Signal Boosters – These are specifically designed for trucks, cars, SUVs, RVs, fleet vehicles and boats.

Note that, for the amplifier to work, there needs to be an existing signal outside your office, home or vehicle. A mobile booster will enhance the current signal but will not create a signal on its own. Most signal booster kits have 3 main elements.

An External Antenna – It captures the weak mobile phone signal available.

An Indoor Antenna – It is used to rebroadcast the enhanced signal to your home, office or vehicles

Coax Cables – These are used to connect these elements. They are specifically designed to deliver signals with high frequencies to areas with low signals or no signals for the best results. I would highly recommend that you take a look and learn about mobile signal repeater installation.

External Antenna

It is also known as a donor antenna. An external antenna is the main component of a mobile phone booster. It captures the weak 3G, 4G LTE and 5G signals already available. External antennas are categorized into the following.

a) Omni-directional Antenna – It pulls in the signal from every direction (360 degrees). It’s the best antenna for people who have a strong to medium signal outside. It’s also perfect for people with multiple mobile towers nearby so the antenna can boost multiple carriers.

b) Uni-directional Antenna – It is shaped like a triangle and only pulls signals from 45-degree angles. They often point to the nearest tower. With a more focused signal, this antenna reaches further than the Omni antenna. A specialized performer is in place if the signal is extremely poor and if you are looking to boost only one carrier for the best results.