5 Reasons to hire and not buy new IT equipment

Team Leader discussing with a fellow team members

1. You always get the latest computers, laptops and accessories

The advantage of renting IT equipment compared to buying it is that you will always have access to the latest makes and models. If you buy equipment, it will be depreciated typically over three years, but the technical life cycle is less than half that time. From a practical point of view, when you rent IT equipment, not only will it be up to date but also in pristine condition. This may be important to you if you are attending an Expo or other live event.

2. Many finance teams are limiting capital expenditure

The economy is teetering on the brink of recession and businesses are being very cautious about forecasts for growth. Finance Directors are limiting capital expenditure which means those people with procurement responsibility are having to turn to computer rental companies like Hire Tech Solutions to fulfil the needs for laptops, iPads and printers etc.

3. Rental is a risk averse way of trying new technology

Hybrid and flexible working is here to stay. But it brings challenges in terms of coordinating teams of people who are geographically dispersed. The last two years has seen huge growth in demand for video conferencing technology that works with Zoom and Micrsoft Teams. One such technology is the popular Logitech Rally system. This system is not cheap. And unless you are 100% sure your business will get good value, it makes sense to rent it first. Paul Spittle who runs Tek Hire in Slough says. “We receive enquiries particularly from businesses in the City asking to try out our Logitech Rally systems. Typically, this will be for two months, and we will do all the setup for the client. It is not unusual after two months to renew for a further four months. Then, once the client is convinced the system works for them, we are totally fine with them buying it from us.

4. When you need to meet a temporary spike in demand

  • Training staff on a software upgrade
  • A conference (in-person or virtual)
  • An event
  • An exhibition
  • A customer demonstration

Events like those listed above may require additional equipment. In these circumstances, hiring it is far more sensible than buying it. A further advantage of hiring is that technicians can be made available to help with the setup and installation. Be sure to ask about this at the time of obtaining a quotation if you need it. Quality Rental who cover Scotland and the North of England is just one example of an IT rental supplier with a permanent team of technicians.

5. When you need equipment in overseas territories

Since the UK left the EU the movement of goods into the bloc has become a bureaucratic headache. If you are involved in an event abroad you are far better asking a company who understand the process of shipping equipment into and out of the EU to do this for you with their own kit rather than to take the task on yourself. It may cost a little bit more but once you add in the time to understand what’s involved doing it yourself, it soon becomes a false economy. Remember the business saying. “Only do what only you can do.”

Article by Nick Shrimpton, a freelance copywriter with agency Sixth Sense Marketing