Ways To Find Out Who Manufactured The Windows In Your Home

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Inspect The Windows For Codes and Stickers

Typically manufacturers will strategically place their brand name on the window. You can find it directly etched onto the window itself or the hardware instead.

Because of this, your first step should be looking at and inspecting the window itself. You want to check for any branding which can show you who the manufacturer is. This is something you’ll need a flashlight for if you don’t have proper lighting. If needed, you could use a magnifying glass to help. There could be more minor marks that aren’t too visible without magnification. You can always check for stickers on the glass to indicate the manufacturer’s name.

Once you do this, you’ll want to look at the corner of the windows. Looking at the corners is a good idea because this is where a lot of manufacturers will etch numbers or letters. You can find these things etched into the window and it will look like a code of sorts. Once again, this can be engraved directly on the glass or the spacers.

If you do find the code, you should jot it down including any other markings visible. This will tell you the manufacturing date of the windows and the brand. The code gives you all of the information you need. You can use Google once you get the code to verify all of the information. If you cannot find the information with the code, you could take it to a local supplier of windows to see whether or not they can help.

If you cannot find a code, you may be able to spot an identification mark on it. You will find that the manufacturers of both vinyl and aluminium windows typically belong to a single organisation known as the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA). Any manufacturer that is a member of this organisation is going to put a certification sticker on it. They will either do it on the Bramley Window Systems timber window frames or sash. This will give you plenty of information that you can use. It will typically include the code or series name. You can then use the information you found and look it up on the association’s website. From there, you should be able to figure out the brand name of the window you are looking to replace.

You may find that the manufacturer is a member of the National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI). If they are, you will find a NAMI sticker on it. They will either have a sticker or the code displayed. Typically, you will find this on the sash or the underside of the glass.

You can then cross-reference the code you find against the directory on their site. They have an easy search feature that you can use on the site to look up any codes.

Research-Based On Material and Dimensions

If you cannot locate any codes or stickers, it’s time to do some other legwork to help you identify them. You want to write down how you would describe the windows. This means writing down what the windows are made out of. You want to identify the material because it can help you narrow things down further.

You also want to write down the style. The style of your window is another identifying feature that can help. You’ll find that slider windows will move from side to side and double-hung windows are going to slide up and down inside of the frame.

At this point, you are ready to measure. It’s time to measure the interior portion of the window. You can do this and record the results.

You are now ready to present all of the information to a local retailer that specialised in windows. You could also go directly to a wholesale supplier. Regardless, they should have the information they need to identify your windows. If they don’t have your windows available, they may be able to do a special order for you.

You may need to visit various suppliers to find someone that has the windows in stock.

Some Other Methods You Can Use To Locate The Right Manufacturer

If you still aren’t having any luck, you could always remove the sash and take the window to someone that specialises in them.

If that’s too much work, you could try to do a Google search of images. That way, you can find one that looks similar. If you do find one that looks identical to your window, you could have luck looking at images and doing cross-comparisons as the websites will typically have the identifying information you need.