Tips On How To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Many people are under the impression that sprucing up or renovating their homes will automatically mean spending a lot of money, but there are different ways you can do these things without spending a fortune.

If you are consider modernising or refreshing one or more parts of your property, but you are on a tight budget, there are several affordable and easy fixes that can change the way your home looks. Before start the job do a home remodel before-and-after shots by a real estate videography professional to demonstrate how a home can go from ordinary to unforgettable. Keep reading to find out more about our top 8 tips to revamp your house on a limited budget.

First Impressions Really Do Matter

Tatty-looking doors and curtains will really date the way your home looks. If your budget allows, think about replacing your hardwood frames with on-trend Crittal-style steel ones. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, repaint the doors in a shade that is more contemporary to add immediate visual appeal. You can also choose classic yet fashionable hues like pale duck egg blues and greens or soft greys.

If the outside of your home looks very dirty, consider buying or hiring a good-quality pressure washer that will easily wash away the dirt. You can also use this device to clean driveways or patios, and this is one of the most effective yet easy methods to modernise your home.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the centerpiece of many houses, but the costs of installing a new one could cost thousands. But there are superficial, simple tweaks you can consider such as repainting the units, or replacing the cabinet handles which can turn an old-fashioned space into something clean and fresh.

Revamp Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are usually the last room in a home that is updated. But if you don’t have enough money to fund an entire overhaul, there are still a few simple cosmetic tweaks that are easy to achieve.

Dirty or stained fixtures are unappealing, so give the grouting and tiles in your bathroom a thorough clean and scrub away limescale that might have accumulated in your sink, bathtub, or on your toilet. Replace accessories such as toilet seats, towels, or curtains that can achieve an instant visual impact. You can also repaint your bathroom and hide the toiletries in the bathroom from view to create a streamlined aesthetic. These easy tasks will help your home look more modern at a minimal cost.

Hide The Clutter

Too many ornaments, accessories, magazines, and pictures create clutter in your home and can make a house feel and look outdated and uninviting. If you are selling your home, pack these items into boxes to showcase the spaces in your home.

If you have limited space available, hidden storage and multi-functional furniture are one of the easiest ways to declutter a home and provide the space with a more modernised feel. Including more storage options are an easy and quick method to make a home feel decluttered and cleaner. It will also make your home a lot more appealing to a prospective buyer when you decide to sell.

Built-in cupboards and wardrobes are a more obvious solution, yet they can also pay off to add a bit of creativity. This could include using that wasted space under your staircase or installing floating shelves.

Upgrade The Lighting In Your Home

Clever lighting also has the potential to modernise and transform your home. The right lighting can turn a dingy and dark space into something cosy and inviting. This will also make rooms appear larger and enhance the colour scheme in a home.

Think about lighting options that will add a bit of aesthetic appeal. Whether this includes hidden spotlights, a pendant statement lamp above your kitchen island, or a few pretty lamps on tables to brighten up any gloomy corners, the right lighting can modernise and create a character in a room in seconds!