Top Reasons To Get Your Team Out Of The Office

Increasing Satisfactions

Your employees need to feel satisfied with the work they do for the company as it makes them more productive. A sense of satisfaction helps them feel motivated to achieve the company’s goals and prevents absenteeism. Additionally, if your employees are satisfied and motivated, they create a better work environment for everyone in the office. Happy employees are more productive in the long run.

Increases Loyalty

Less turnover in any department means more efficiency, so maintain your employees’ loyalty. Replacing an employee even at the basic level can be costly. It could cost up to half of their annual salary. When your team goes outside for team-building activities, they get some free time to relax and get to know each other outside of the workplace. It creates a bond that translates to the office.

Improves Their Work/Life Relationships

If your employees are faced with too much stress, little time for reconciling work and family life, and a lack of motivation, they are most likely going to change companies after some time. Doing some out-of-office activities can help reduce stress and break the routine office life. Team-building activities outside the office are a good way to have fun and release the stress of the office.

Improves Communication

Having to communicate and follow the regular communication channels in the office can be a constraint. Most times, you may talk to a colleague about work but never meet them in person. It is crucial to put a face to the name, even in an office. Humans gain a lot from non-verbal communication and working in an office all day could mean that a lot of information is lost in phone calls or emails. These means of communication although helpful, often dehumanize communication. To help you improve your office communication system, you might want to check out a UK based conference production company.

Even when there are physical meetings they are mostly formal and do not grant the team an opportunity to get to know each other better. Outdoor activities with the team ensure that each person understands their colleagues better and knows what their priorities are so that they can communicate better in the future. They can see where a colleague is coming from during discussions and express their point of view without fear of rejection from fellow workmates.

Improves Collaboration

This point is a result of the previously mentioned one. When the team gets out of their daily work area, they are forced to break the routine and relate to each other differently. Outdoor activities allow them to see each other face to face without all the red tape in the office. They are more relaxed and can face each other more humanly. Looking at other people as fellow humans enables us to empathize with each other and place ourselves in their shoes. It improves relationships, which in turn improves collaboration in the office. The team can cooperate and get better results.

Keep in mind that the main objective of outdoor team activities is not only to have fun but to improve the personal relationships between colleagues. The employees are the driving force of the company, and feeling that they belong to a place where colleagues understand them enables them to work better. Outdoor team activities are a good way to let people enjoy the day and build solid relationships that will allow them to work much more efficiently.