Tips For Planning A Night Out At Clubs Or Bars

Making smart decisions about the bars and clubs you’ll go to on a night out can go a long way in regards to reducing the chances of being involved in an alcohol-related dangerous situation. You’ll also want to pay close attention to your environment once you’re inside the club. Besides that, you’ll want to ensure you’re out with trusted friends.

If You Drink

If you’re going to have drinks while out, then don’t overdo things. Being drunk puts you at risk of making bad decisions that might seem funny or fun at the time. However, such decisions could cost you in terms of money, your health, relationships or even the law. A few tips to keep in mind when it comes to drinking include:

  • Set drink limits and stick to them
  • Drink as slow as possible
  • Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Don’t use two substances at the same time, such as drinking and using cannabis together
  • Consume food before drinking, as well as while drinking

Deciding On Where To Go

Try to find clubs and bars that are in safe places, such as in areas that are not cluttered with a bunch of other bars and clubs. You want to go to places that are not overcrowded, which can be an issue if you decide to consume alcohol because there are many risks with alcohol consumption and crowded places. Furthermore, choose to go to clubs that are known for providing a safe place for their guests. Incidents of assault and aggression are usually linked to places that don’t make safety a priority. If you are in London, a good bar to check out is Apples and Pears.

There are certain practises associated with safer bars and clubs. Recognising these practises can reduce your risk of encountering dangerous situations. With that said, you should look for the following when choosing a club or bar:

1. Outdoor Environment

What does the outside of the bar/club look like? A good sign it’s a good place is the bar has a clear sidewalk, queuing areas and a generally clean exterior. Another thing to look for is well-lit outdoor areas, which can discourage people from exhibiting disorderly behaviour.

Also, keep an eye out for security cameras. This is because people are less likely to engage in violence, both inside and outside of the establishment. If you get a bad vibe from the outdoor environment, then don’t enter the establishment.

2. Indoor Environment

Have a good look inside and take note of the lighting and the overall layout. Customers are easier to be seen by staff, as well as vice-versa when a club has multiple floors. If a conflict ends up occurring, then staff members should be able to spot it quickly. There should also be clear exits and pathways for guests because it makes it easier for them to get from one area to another area.

Comfortable seating is another thing to look for once you’re inside the club or bar. Furthermore, there should be plenty of lighting in the washrooms. This tends to reduce the chances of a person becoming a victim of crimes, such as assault.

3. Security Staff & Servers

How are the security staff, servers and other members of staff treating their customers? If they demonstrate that they care about safety and the law, then this is a good sign. For example, security staff should be regularly checking IDs, and servers should know when to stop serving drinks to a customer.

4. Transportation Options

Many establishments have numbers for taxi services and other transportation services. Choose a bar that has a phone and/or numbers to transportation providers, or a bar that is near major bus routes. The bottom line is the bar or club you go to should be willing to help you get home safely.