Reasons Life is Better Without Alcohol

A woman holding a glass of wine in her hands

It is safe to say that drinking is a big part of our modern culture. Regardless of where you live, what you do, or the people you associate with, you are bound to find yourself in situations where alcohol is involved. For most people, living an alcohol-free lifestyle seems next to impossible. To them, quitting alcohol is tantamount to abandoning an entire lifestyle.

However, while quitting alcohol might be one of the most difficult things to do, but with the help of therapy sessions by Addiction Care, you can quit Alcohol easily. There are plenty of benefits to be gained from living a life without alcohol. The benefits are so significant that many authors have taken to the internet to explain why life is much better without alcohol.

The first step towards reducing and even stopping your urge to drink alcohol is understanding the benefits of giving up alcohol. Below, we have provided six compelling reasons why life is better without alcohol.

Health Improvement

It should go without saying that your health should be one of your biggest concerns in life. And anything that helps improve your health should be considered. With that being said, quitting alcohol significantly helps push you towards a much healthier lifestyle.

As you probably already know by now, alcohol has many disastrous effects on the body. These include liver inflammation, pancreatitis, nervous system impairment, and chronic heart failure. Thus, by quitting alcohol, you significantly reduce your chances of developing such conditions. Also, depending on the beverages you replace alcohol with, you can greatly improve your health.

Improved Physical Appearance

You may not realize this but alcohol also has a negative effect on your physical appearance. Alcohol tends to cause puffiness in the face, sunken eyes, blemishes, weight gain, and premature skin aging. As a matter of fact, the average wine bottle contains about 700 calories – higher than a fast-food burger. By eliminating alcohol, you reduce the number of calories consumed and get clearer skin, and even brighter eyes.

Saves You Money

Alcohol is expensive. Whether you consume cheap or costly drinks, it will end up costing you a lot in the long term, especially if you are a consistent consumer. By quitting alcohol, you can end up saving a lot of money. According to one article by the Sober School, when a group of women was coached to quit drinking, they saved on average £365 in six weeks (about $480 dollars).

This amount of money can definitely be put to much better use including paying off bills, saving for the future, or buying something nice for yourself or your loved ones. By avoiding wasting money on unnecessary things, you also improve your life in general.

Helps to Build and Maintain Your Relationships

Regular or heavy alcohol consumption can have a huge impact on almost every close relationship you have. From hanging out with friends only when you are drinking to saying offensive and inconsiderate things to loved ones just because you are under the influence of alcohol, and even missing important work meetings because you are seriously down with a hangover.

It also affects how others perceive you and if they want to have a relationship with you. All in all, quitting alcohol will be beneficial to your relationships. Maintaining an alcohol-free lifestyle gives your relationships the chance to grow and develop naturally staying true to who you are instead of engaging with others while constantly under the influence of alcohol.