Health Benefits Provided By Travel Holidays

You probably will agree that there is nothing better than the holidays. First of all, travelling is usually involved when you go on vacation, and it is exciting to travel. In addition to the incredible feeling you experience when you meet new people, eat delicious food, and become immersed in a new culture, travel holidays provide several health benefits as well. Going on vacation gives your body, mind, and soul the chance to reset and take a break.

There are studies that show that taking a real vacation – when you are not on your laptop constantly worrying about work – is critical to maintaining great physical health since it can reduce stress, improve mental health, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

So if you have been considering skipping your vacation, you may want to rethink that. Keep reading to find out what the top benefits are when you go on holiday.

It was also found by the study that those who went on an exciting holiday vacation like Malaysia diving holidays, on average, reduced their blood pressure by 6%. No difference was experienced by the participants who stayed with their normal routine. So setting aside some time for relaxation is a quick fix for individuals who suffer from high blood pressure.

Even if you just go on a quick weekend trip or take a staycation, the benefits offered by a holiday still can help you with your daily life. If you can create a habit of relaxing it can help add it to your regular routine and help to reduce your blood pressure long term.

Improved Sleep Quality Equals Less Stress

Are you aware that your sleep quality can be improved by as much as 17% while on vacation? It was also shown by research by Nuffield Health and Kuoni Travel that the sleep quality of holiday goers by 34 points, while stay-at-home individuals saw a 27-point reduction in their sleep quality.

This mainly occurs because when you go on vacation or travel and spend some time away from work, you will not be as stressed. When you have less stress it can give you peace of mind, you will be less anxious, and can result in improved sleep.

Needless to say, it is critical to get a good night’s sleep since it determines how well your body is going to function the following day.

Healthy Heart

The University of Pittsburgh conducted a study where an estimated 9,000 men 35 to 57 years old were studied by researcher Karen Matthews. They were monitored for 9 years. All of the men had a high risk of developing coronary heart disease. This research reached very clear conclusions. The participants who did not go on vacations every year had a 32% high chance to die of a heart attack.

Wisconsin’s Marshfield Clinic conducted research in 2005 that showed that women who go on vacation less than one time every two years had a higher chance of suffering from depression.

Also, those who do not frequently go on vacation have around an eight times higher chance of suffering a heart attack or developing coronary heart disease. It could be argued that lives are saved by vacations.

Reduced Stress Levels

Arizona’s Department of Health Services conducted an investigation that found that women who frequently go on vacation have fewer chances of suffering from stress or getting depressed or tense. Those psychological benefits also result in better work performance and a higher overall quality of life.