Summer Fun With These Great Water Sport And Other Activities

Hit the Waves

Surfing has been the source of public fascination ever since those great ‘Beach Party’ movies of the 60s. But it wasn’t only the music or the sight of fun in the sun on the Silver Screen that attracts saltwater lovers to surfing today. There can be a few ways that are better for easing into the working day. And even fewer when it comes to ways to wind down in the afternoon. It’s also a pastime that provides so many opportunities. There are so many different breaks and conditions around the country that there is something for everyone. It’s also easy to learn. there are a large number of surfing schools that offer lessons to beginners. Once you get the basics right you’re ready to hit the waves solo. When you choose your surfing experience, remember that there are three types of breaks, reef, beach, and point – make sure your skills match your ambition.

Kite Surfing

Fly like a seabird on the wings of the wind when you take part in the increasingly popular sport of kiteboarding. Strap your feet to the board and attach that giant kite to your waist and away you go. You use the kite handles to steer as the kite catches the wind at the right angle. If speed is what you want, then this is the sport for you. Add to that the acrobatics possible while kitesurfing is mind-boggling. Lessons are freely available. They will have you flying the kite on the ground, then in the water – and then finally to the board. The schools will usually supply all the equipment needed for the lessons – so no huge investment. If you want to get that adrenaline flowing then this might just be the sport for you.

Into the Deep Blue

Sailing is a sport that can be enjoyed in many forms. It has challenges that can suit every experience and skill level. A large yacht supplies the ultimate luxury experience as the crew will take care of everything – leaving you to simply bask in the sun. Or join the crew of a competitive yacht while they race for Regatta honours. Smaller craft such as Hobie Cats or a small boat can help you to learn the ins and outs of the sport. If you fall in love with sailing, there are numerous yacht and sailing clubs that will help you to both socialise and hone your skills prior to that first boat purchase. For people looking to go sailing, I recommend getting some equipment from Wickenroy Pavitt, including some boat curtains to block out the morning light.


Flyboarding is a relatively new sport – and it provides both fun and excitement in equal measure. It revolves around the use of a high-pressure propulsion unit to propel the user high into the air – and the user can reach heights of up to 80 feet. If you choose to take part then you will be attached to a board that has a hose attached to another craft – typically a jet ski. The bonus: It’s very easy to learn – within ten minutes you can up and fly. Get ready to ‘scoop’, flip’, dive’ and fly – become a waterborne superhero.

Jet Skiing

A jet skiing safari can be one of the most wonderful. Enjoy the feel of the salt water splashing against your skin and the wind in your hair. There are many tour operators that offer guided services – from a leisurely experience to breakneck racing along the coastline. There is a minimum age required to be licensed – but there is always the opportunity for the younger ones to enjoy a tandem experience. You may also need a boat license to enjoy the convenience of hiring – but if you are in a general tour group being guided by a professional you’ll be fine.